NetBSD Presentations


BSDCan 2024

AsiaBSDCon 2024

Paper sessions


EuroBSDcon 2023

AsiaBSDCon 2023

Work In Progress


EuroBSDcon 2022

DevSummit 09/2022


EuroBSDCon 2021


camp++ 2020

BSDCan 2020

  • Andrew Cagney - Libreswan: Teaching old code new tricks [slides (PDF)]


  • Leonardo Taccari - Managing a database of vulnerabilities for a package system: the pkgsrc study case [slides (PDF)]


EuroBSDCon 2019

  • Maciej Grochowski - Fuzzing Filesystems on NetBSD via AFL+KCOV [slides (PDF)]
  • Paul Goyette - Improving the Modularity of NetBSD's COMPAT Code [slides (PDF)]

pkgsrcCon 2019

  • Nia Alarie - NetBSD audio - an application dev's perspective [slides]
  • Thomas Klausner - Introduction to the structure & interpretation of TNF [slides]

AsiaBSDCon 2019

  • Ken'ichi Fukamachi - P02B: Design and Implementation of NetBSD Base System Package Distribution Service [paper (PDF)]
  • Kamil Rytarowski - P04B: Intel HAXM - a hardware-assisted acceleration engine in the NetBSD kernel [paper (PDF)] [slides (HTML)]
  • Maya Rashish - P09B: Porting Go To netbsd/arm64 [paper (PDF)] [slides (HTML)]
Work In Progress

bhyvecon Tokyo 2019

  • Kamil Rytarowski - NetBSD Virtualization Status Report


Miscellaneous Papers

  • KLEAK: Practical Kernel Memory Disclosure Detection [paper (PDF)]

EuroBSDCon 2018

  • Maya Rashish - Debugging lessons learned fixing NetBSD [slides]

pkgsrcCon 2018

  • Jörg Sonnenberger - NetBSD and Mercurial - One year later [slides]
  • Leonardo Taccari - Handling the workflow of pkgsrc Security Team [slides (PDF)]
  • Maya Rashish - Beginner's guide to GCC [slides]

AsiaBSDCon 2018

Paper Session
  • Yuuki Enomoto - P01B: Design, Implementation and Operation of NetBSD Base System Packagging [paper (PDF)] [slides (PDF)]
Work In Progress
  • Makoto Fujiwara - NetBSD Project status 2018 [slides (PDF)]
BSDresearch and NetBSD booth



    BSDTW 2017

    • SAITOH Masanobu - MP-safe Networking in NetBSD [slides (PDF)]

    EuroBSDcon 2017

    • Jörg Sonnenberger - News from the VCS front [slides (HTML)]
    • Abhinav Upadhyay - A Modern spell(1) [slides (PDF)]
    • Santhosh Raju, Cherry G. Mathew - Portable Hotplugging - A Peek into NetBSD's uvm_hotplug(9) API Development [slides (PDF)]
    • Pierre Pronchery - Hardening pkgsrc [slides (PDF)]

    pkgsrcCon 2017

    BSDCan 2017

    BSDCan talk

    FOSDEM 2017

    • Benny Siegert - Packaging Go code in pkgsrc [slides (PDF)]

    AsiaBSDCon 2017

    • Makoto Fujiwara - check-update -- pkgsrc freshness -- [slides (html)]
    • Kazuya Goda - What's the best practice for implementation of rumpclient? [slides (PDF)]
    • Abhinav Upadhyay - Updates on
    • Abhinav Upadhyay - new implementation for spell(1) [slides (PDF)]
    • Hrishikesh Goyal - HTree Directory Support of Ext3fs
    Work-in-Progress session
    • Ryota Ozaki - Progress Reports of MP-safe Networking in NetBSD [slides (PDF)]


    EuroBSDcon 2016

    Conference talks
    • Ryota Ozaki and Kengo Nakahara - Toward MP-safe Networking in NetBSD [slides (PDF)]
    • Jörg Sonnenberger - Bulk building in the many core era [slides (html)]
    • Abhinav Upadhyay - Automated Learning From Man Pages [slides (html)]
    Developer summit talks
    • Leonardo Taccari - Split debug symbols for pkgsrc builds - Short report after Google Summer of Code 2016 [slides (PDF)]

    BSDCan 2016

    BSDCan talk
    • SAITOH Masanobu - NetBSD 2016 (in the closing session) [slides (PDF)]

    AsiaBSDCon 2016

    • Jörg Sonnenberger - P01C: How to break long-term compatibility in NetBSD [paper (PDF)]
    • Alistair G. Crooks - P04C: New Security Models for NetBSD
    • Hiroyuki Bessho - P05C: Peripheral-side USB support for NetBSD [paper (PDF)] [slides (PDF)]
    • Ryota Ozaki and Kengo Nakahara - Current status of NetBSD MP-safe network stack project [slides (PDF)]
    • Kengo Nakahara and Taylor R. Campbell - Introduction of passive reference [slides (PDF)]
    • Ryo Shimizu - ipgen: Interactive Packet Generator for performance measurement [slides (PDF)]
    • SAITOH Masanobu - Wireless LAN service in AsiaBSDCon 2016 by SA-W2 [slides (PDF)]
    • Ryo ONODERA - NetBSD on Google Compute Engine -- step by step guide -- [slides (PDF)]
    • Jörg Sonnenberger - Clang on SPARC [slides (html)]


    EuroBSDcon 2015

    Conference talks
    • Taylor R. Campbell - Protobufs for kernel/user interface [slides (PDF)]
    • Taylor R. Campbell - Tricky issues in file systems [slides (PDF)]
    Developer summit talks
    Developer summit talks (prepared but not presented)

    BSDCan 2015

    • Andrew Cagney - What happens when a dwarf and a daemon start dancing by the light of the silvery moon? [slides (PDF)] [video]

    The following list shows presentations about or related to NetBSD. A list of older events (until ca. mid-2004) is kept here.